Maya Rivers, a young woman mourning her mother’s death, finds herself pursued every night in her dreams by a horrible Demon. She learns the technique of Lucid Dreaming so she can recognize when she’s dreaming, confront the Demon and make him stop.

But the Demon has his own plans for Maya.

And so Maya begins her strange journey.  Mysterious creatures, tricksters from her subconscious, toy with her mind. Her dreams begin to invade her waking life, until she can’t tell what’s real and  what’s not.

Written and directed by Bob DeNatale, the film stars up-and-coming actors Kate Villanova and Walker Hare, with music by Lenny Gonzales and cinematography by Che Broadnax.

The Art of Dreaming was a semi-finalist at the 2013 Moondance International Film Festival.

The Art of Dreaming is now available to wacth for free online here.



Contact: info (at) theartofdreamingfilm (dot) com

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