Bob DeNatale (writer, director, editor) Bob DeNatale has had a rich and varied artistic career. He’s been a writer for Marvel Comics, lead singer in the punk art band Kill the Messenger, and percussionist/composer for the industrial trance band XSX.

He is a butoh dancer and was artistic director of the experimental dance/theater company Flesh & Blood Mystery Theater for 18 years. He has performed throughout the U.S. and internationally. His films include both experimental shorts and narratives. The 40-minute mini-feature “The Art of Dreaming” is his latest project.

You can check out the rest of his work at





Kate Villanova (Maya Rivers) Originally from Montclair, New Jersey, Kate is a NY based film and theater actor. Recent theater credits include Epona’s Labyrinth (HERE Arts Center), The Wind and the Willows, Ghosts (Berkshire Theatre Festival), Alice in Wonderland (Queens Theatre in the Park) and the performance piece Sit, Stand, Walk, Lie Down (LMCC). She is a Candidate in the Master of Fine Arts program in Acting at Rutgers University. In addition to acting, Kate enjoys all things outdoors- like biking, hiking, swimming, sitting under trees… stuff like that. She is also learning how to play guitar and sings in the shower. A lot.






Walker Hare (Demon) Walker Hare has appeared in film, television, web-series, commercials and theatre. His films include “Paradise East”, “Dawn of Conviction”, “Mobile”, and “Bingo!”. Off-Broadway, he has appeared in All Dolled Up and Flanagan’s Wake, and on TV, in “Guiding Light”, and “Greatest Sports Stories.” He has appeared in commercials for Nintendo, Gillette, and Cablevision, among others.





Jenna Payne (Producer) Hailing from southern suburbia, Jenna saved up her summer lemonade stand money to move to NYC in the fall of 2003. Quickly diving into writing, directing, and producing, Jenna shot her first short film Feline Frenzy in February 2010. This dark comedy/grindhouse thriller toured film festivals and won a Skullie Award at the 2010 Royal Flush Festival.

Jenna has worked on many film sets in roles ranging from Wardrobe to Producer and is developing a slasher film set against the backdrop of the collapse of the American auto industry. She’s also developing an Ed Wood-style exploitation webseries called Zompire Vixens from Pluto! You can check her out at


Lenny Gonzalez (Composer) Lenny Gonzalez and Bob DeNatale have been collaborating on artistic projects for almost 20 years. First as co-founders of the avante-garde noise trance band XSX, then in the butoh company Flesh & Blood Mystery Theater, for which Lenny was resident composer. Lenny has composed for many butoh dancers and peformed at The San Francisco Butoh Festival with Japanese dancer Abe. M. Aria. He records solo work under the rubrics of Chango Feo and Lenny Caution and is also part of Purest Spiritual Pigs.




Che Broadnax (Director of Photography) Che Broadnax cut his teeth shooting and editing documentary and educational content for the award-winning PhotoSynthesis Productions before moving to Brooklyn to shoot narratives. He has spent the past four years shooting and working in the camera department on critically acclaimed films such as The Exploding Girl, Silver Tongues and The Strange Ones. Recently, Che served as DP on the 40 minute film The Art of Dreaming and the short Postures. When not messing with lenses, he can be found animating the epic sci-fi hip hop music video for his song “Baddest Black Man In Outta Space.”



Angela Cullen (Production Designer) Angela likes to be bold. Her passion is creating and bringing worlds to life on camera. She dives deep into story lines and characters to create authentic spaces that stand out. She loves painting, drawing, and obsessing over furniture, music, and art. She also likes collaborating with others and dreams of one day having a core group of people with whom she can create many cult classics. Angela Cullen has a bachelor of arts degree in studio arts, and studied production design as well as interior design at SVA and Parsons. She is based in New York, and has satellite offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Hong Kong.



Contact: info (at) theartofdreamingfilm (dot) com

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